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About Us – Stop Smoking And Live

quit-smokingOur mission statement is very simple. We are not here to preach or be pro or con about tobacco. We are simply here to present facts. We point out how the tobacco industry blatantly self-promotes themselves as the purveyors of fine products, while at the same time promotes their core tobacco products to replace the 1,200 customers that they lose everyday, because they die.

We believe that you really cannot tell people what to do, because they will do what they want to do anyway. It just doesn’t work, so we have found that by presenting the facts, people can make up their own minds about what they want to do.

The history of big tobacco is one of deception and misleading information about the effects that cigarettes and tobacco smoking has on the human body. The advertising that has been done over many years has left the impression on the public that the products provided by the tobacco industry was basically a safe, beneficial good product.

Of course, just the opposite is true, in that clearly 1/3 of all the young smokers that start out on their rebellious journey of smoking at young ages will die of tobacco related diseases.

Our goal is to make the facts of tobacco known to the extent that it is such a silent, but effective killer, and the scientific facts make this a certainty.

However, more and more people are beginning to realize that science and facts are difficult to overcome with suppositions, and there is a real emphasis among people to stop smoking for real. When people learn that tobacco smoke contains over 2,200 chemical, of which over 200 are carcinogenic, they get the message. Lung cancer deaths still outnumber all other cancer deaths combined, and the cause is quite specifically, inhaling smoke from tobacco laden products.